Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Year- A good Time For Changes

Don't most people do it? Make list's that is, the new years resolution's that come about at the end of every December. I've been thinking of making a different sort of list this year, not the usual *lose weight*, *drive better*, *quit frying food*, you know, the usual stuff. This year I'm on a quest to make my list full of life changing habits, the kind of habit's that will make me a better person, a person with more wisdom in all the area's that count. On the top of my list: spiritual growth. I want to learn more about what it takes to see all things in a new light, to change my perspective about how other's come to their opinion's and to learn from their insights. I see this as a way to grow and become more tolerant. I always try and gain new ground when it comes to patience. I have quite a bit, but I'd like to become even more understanding and calm when certain situations arise. When I'm tired or grouchy I tend to react strongly, a tendency I'd definitely like to change. I truly want to be one of those people who stand strong and unfaltering in the face of turmoil or certainly when things get rough. It's a large quest I know, but I have more than my share of determination.
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Teresa Lynne said...

It's me Terylynne from I Love your blog.

Happy New Year and I hope it brings you much joy and happiness!