Friday, December 12, 2008

It couldn't last forever.....

It's almost mid December and still no snow.....until tonite. I knew it wouldn't last, usually by now we have close to a foot of the white stuff! Tonite's my lucky nite I guess, it's really coming down and the wind is whistling around all corners of the house. You know it won't be good when the daily weather forecast reads "Winter Weather Advisory". A little snow would be fine, but then we never get just a little around here. My elevation is just too darn high, 4350", so the cold and snow is a given. Course, if you have to have snow, well this time of year is pretty perfect with X-mas just around the corner. And my pond, well it has a nice layer of ice on it, not thick enough for the dog to walk on yet, he'll let me know when it's safe. How do they know these things? It's quite a sight to see him standing in the middle of the pond looking over his shoulder as if to say "what?". Our Lincoln is quite the ham.....I'll have to find some pics of him in his favorite position, all sprawled out.....all 5' of him! Check back tomorrow, I have a few decorating idea's to run by you............Dusty

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