Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorate a sled

A decorated sled is just the prettiest thing...lean it up against your porch or a tree and it becomes instant art. My sled is a very old one. It belonged to my husband (better known as Chippy) when he was a boy. I simply gather a handful of evergreens, wrap the top with wire, add a few pine cones and a red ribbon and your done! If you have an old toboggan, these also look so great decorated this way. It's a 10 minute holiday accessory. Want to go a step further? Take your corn husk broom and do the same thing with the greens and tie around the handle of the broom so that the greens hang down over the corn husks. Leave it to sit on your porch, ready to use to sweep away all the snow that comes your way!

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