Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maximize Your New Year's Resolutions

Most of us make wish lists for the new year, they may be things to improve our health, wealth or maybe just to get along with an in-law. Just wishing though is not good enough to ensure that we will suceed with our desires. You have to make things happen, you must make plans for any wish to come to fruition. To simply say "I want to meet the man of my dreams", and presto, he appears before you, is just wistful thinking. If you want to meet the right man for you, you must go to where he would most likely be. For instance, if your dream man needs to be a thoughtful, patient and very kind man, maybe you would find him in a church group. Or your dream guy needs to be a famous, guitar-singing rocker, find him in Hollywood. My point is, you must look in the right places for the things that you want. And make your wishes realistic, just to wish to win the lottery will be very poor odds. Once you decide what you want, (and be really sure of what you want) figure out the best way to make things happen. Want a better job? Then maybe going back to school is the easist way to achieve that. Whatever you want, figure out a plan, and then work to make that plan happen. The good things don't come easy, anyone who has everything he wants has worked hard to aquire these things. Be realistic, be positive that you can get what you want, and then make it happen! But, a gentle warning.....take a good hard look at where your at right now.....maybe you already have what you want and just didn't realize it.

Please read my article on "How to Have it All".....it just may be an eye-opener!

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