Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Year- A good Time For Changes

Don't most people do it? Make list's that is, the new years resolution's that come about at the end of every December. I've been thinking of making a different sort of list this year, not the usual *lose weight*, *drive better*, *quit frying food*, you know, the usual stuff. This year I'm on a quest to make my list full of life changing habits, the kind of habit's that will make me a better person, a person with more wisdom in all the area's that count. On the top of my list: spiritual growth. I want to learn more about what it takes to see all things in a new light, to change my perspective about how other's come to their opinion's and to learn from their insights. I see this as a way to grow and become more tolerant. I always try and gain new ground when it comes to patience. I have quite a bit, but I'd like to become even more understanding and calm when certain situations arise. When I'm tired or grouchy I tend to react strongly, a tendency I'd definitely like to change. I truly want to be one of those people who stand strong and unfaltering in the face of turmoil or certainly when things get rough. It's a large quest I know, but I have more than my share of determination.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maximize Your New Year's Resolutions

Most of us make wish lists for the new year, they may be things to improve our health, wealth or maybe just to get along with an in-law. Just wishing though is not good enough to ensure that we will suceed with our desires. You have to make things happen, you must make plans for any wish to come to fruition. To simply say "I want to meet the man of my dreams", and presto, he appears before you, is just wistful thinking. If you want to meet the right man for you, you must go to where he would most likely be. For instance, if your dream man needs to be a thoughtful, patient and very kind man, maybe you would find him in a church group. Or your dream guy needs to be a famous, guitar-singing rocker, find him in Hollywood. My point is, you must look in the right places for the things that you want. And make your wishes realistic, just to wish to win the lottery will be very poor odds. Once you decide what you want, (and be really sure of what you want) figure out the best way to make things happen. Want a better job? Then maybe going back to school is the easist way to achieve that. Whatever you want, figure out a plan, and then work to make that plan happen. The good things don't come easy, anyone who has everything he wants has worked hard to aquire these things. Be realistic, be positive that you can get what you want, and then make it happen! But, a gentle warning.....take a good hard look at where your at right now.....maybe you already have what you want and just didn't realize it.

Please read my article on "How to Have it All" just may be an eye-opener!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Remembering The Past

It's almost the end of another year, and many of us tend to think of how the year has gone for us, what we've accomplished and what we didn't. I have found myself thinking alot about the events that have happened in my life this year and the people that have come and gone. One thing keeps coming back to me, and that is personal growth. I wonder if I've grown as much as I had hoped or am I just stuck in that same old pattern? I've been writing alot about those inner qualities that we all strive for and I've learned much. I've been trying to put into action some of those things I've learned, hoping to enrich my life with all the "good" qualities that most hope for. Have I done it? Well, some I have, other's I will have to work on, but I feel at least I'm trying. And I guess that's a good start. I do know that I have become much more spiritual these last few years, trying to figure out where I fit in the lives of those that I love the most. I tend not to leave most things to fate, I certainly do believe in fate, but I don't feel that I can sit idly by and hope that thing's work out the way I hope that they will. I believe that action is called for in most situations involving family. My one hope: that I give the best advice possible when someone asks me for it, and keep silent when I'm not asked. Afterall, I don't have all the answers, wish I did and I was known far and wide for my wisdom! Yes, well this is one of those things I'm still working on. For any of you that have been thinking along these same lines, I have written several new articles that I hope will provide some of the answers that you seek.

"Give a Gift of Forgiveness -

"Give a Gift of Inner Peace" -

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you separated from your family?

It won't be long now.....Christmas is just around the corner, and many things come to mind when thinking of the holidays. Foremost in most people's minds are their families, how many of them are scattered all across this country, or even in different parts of the world. And that is probably the worst thing about the holidays, being separated from the ones we love. In many it creates depression and in others, stress that they have somehow not been able to come up with a way to be with their family. I know how it goes, I am separated from my family right now, my husband is layed off and has moved several hundred miles to work at another job. The rest of my family is living many miles from me as well. I will, at least, be able to go and "visit" with them over Christmas, but not being together all the time is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I feel for all those who cannot travel to be with their loved ones, but there is one little glimmer of hope. A program that allows anyone with a computer to talk, free of charge, to anyone with the same program. If any of you are interested, please check out the article I wrote about this subject. Till next time, stay well.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

It couldn't last forever.....

It's almost mid December and still no snow.....until tonite. I knew it wouldn't last, usually by now we have close to a foot of the white stuff! Tonite's my lucky nite I guess, it's really coming down and the wind is whistling around all corners of the house. You know it won't be good when the daily weather forecast reads "Winter Weather Advisory". A little snow would be fine, but then we never get just a little around here. My elevation is just too darn high, 4350", so the cold and snow is a given. Course, if you have to have snow, well this time of year is pretty perfect with X-mas just around the corner. And my pond, well it has a nice layer of ice on it, not thick enough for the dog to walk on yet, he'll let me know when it's safe. How do they know these things? It's quite a sight to see him standing in the middle of the pond looking over his shoulder as if to say "what?". Our Lincoln is quite the ham.....I'll have to find some pics of him in his favorite position, all sprawled out.....all 5' of him! Check back tomorrow, I have a few decorating idea's to run by you............Dusty

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The House of Gingerbread

I've got to say that there isn't much better than having your home smell like gingerbread. I baked "ginger boy's" yesterday and my house still smells good! This smell just reminds me of the holidays, a warm fire burning and good food cooking! For this X-Mas I wanted to make my gingerbread cookie ornaments, I personalized one for each member of my family (and our dogs) and we hang them on the tree. They are a quaint and easy ornament to make, one that the kids can get involved with. So, if your looking for something to do with the kids while they are off for X-Mas break, follow this link for complete instructions. Have fun........

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gifts from the kitchen.

How many times have we heard lately that "times are tough"? And it's true, unfortunately. So, with the Christmas holiday quickly approaching I've decided to give gifts from my kitchen. There are many, many items cooks and crafters can make right in their own kitchen's that make wonderful presents. Plates of cookies, flavored oils, gourmet vegetables packed in a quality olive oil, just to name a few. I have a wonderful gift that I'll be making for all the members of my family this year, personalized Gingerbread Men cookies that are used for a Christmas tree ornament. Watch for instructions and pictures of these unique little ornaments. A happy day to you all, get outside and breathe in that cold, crisp air, the day will invigorate you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorate a sled

A decorated sled is just the prettiest thing...lean it up against your porch or a tree and it becomes instant art. My sled is a very old one. It belonged to my husband (better known as Chippy) when he was a boy. I simply gather a handful of evergreens, wrap the top with wire, add a few pine cones and a red ribbon and your done! If you have an old toboggan, these also look so great decorated this way. It's a 10 minute holiday accessory. Want to go a step further? Take your corn husk broom and do the same thing with the greens and tie around the handle of the broom so that the greens hang down over the corn husks. Leave it to sit on your porch, ready to use to sweep away all the snow that comes your way!

The holiday season.....I just love these words! Cold weather, a deep layer of snow making everything glisten. I've been in the kitchen making gifts for friends and family which got me to thinking about all that munching I've been doing. I used to be so careful about what I ate, really being conscience about the calories and when I needed to watch it for awhile. In the last few years, I have really lost any concerns I had about staying a size 10. I felt it was ok, after all my bikini days are long gone! But more recently I realized what was really happening was that I had lost my willpower to say no to all the highly fattening foods that we all love. Which really got me thinking: just where had all the willpower gone that I use to be so proud of? Actually, it's still here, but I ignore it most of the time. But, now with the holidays here, lots of rich food, parties and all the calories that come with them, I have decided that I had better start paying attention to that little nagging voice that I keep hearing......"what are you doing?" My health is important to me, I'm the one in charge of it, so I had better jump-start my willpower again. If you've been thinking along these same lines, you may want to read an article I just wrote titled "Find your Lost Willpower". Here's the link:

Holiday Window Box

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tips for the Holiday Gardener

Want to make a few winter arrangements for your home? Go outside and find some evergreen shrubs in your yard you can take cuttings from. Or ask a neighbor or even go foraging in a national forest if you live near one (you may need a permit to do this; contact your local county to ask). You can make wreaths, garlands or just decorate your porch with cuttings and pine cones. If you have access to cedar, this evergreen makes a wonderful accent to your dining table, flower arrangements or use a small sprig to add to the ribbon on a package. Cedar smells terrific and will last for several weeks in your home without water.

The Quiet Garden

Here we are in early December, the world outside my windows is quiet and still. The occasional birds comes by, most likely looking for a drink, lured by the sounds of falling water. The ground is covered with a thin jacket of white, soon to be replaced with feet of solid rain. How I miss having the windows open, the sounds coming from the garden are noisy, playful and sometimes loud if my dog decides to tree a fat grey squirrel. The pond and waterfall are the busiest place in the neighborhood, every tired and dirty bird lands to rest for a bit and take advantage of a safe place to bathe and forage for the seeds the squirrels left behind. The ground is already frozen, no chance to plant anything now. Guess I'll have the time to do a little rearranging of the garden in my mind, moving all that thyme that has grown to gigantic proportions. At least I have the house to decorate for the holidays, a job that I just love! I recently redid my window boxes, removing the dead annuals and replaced them with a holiday arrangement. For complete instructions on how to makeover your window boxes, please follow the link to my article,
"Winter Holiday Window Boxes".