Monday, December 22, 2008

Remembering The Past

It's almost the end of another year, and many of us tend to think of how the year has gone for us, what we've accomplished and what we didn't. I have found myself thinking alot about the events that have happened in my life this year and the people that have come and gone. One thing keeps coming back to me, and that is personal growth. I wonder if I've grown as much as I had hoped or am I just stuck in that same old pattern? I've been writing alot about those inner qualities that we all strive for and I've learned much. I've been trying to put into action some of those things I've learned, hoping to enrich my life with all the "good" qualities that most hope for. Have I done it? Well, some I have, other's I will have to work on, but I feel at least I'm trying. And I guess that's a good start. I do know that I have become much more spiritual these last few years, trying to figure out where I fit in the lives of those that I love the most. I tend not to leave most things to fate, I certainly do believe in fate, but I don't feel that I can sit idly by and hope that thing's work out the way I hope that they will. I believe that action is called for in most situations involving family. My one hope: that I give the best advice possible when someone asks me for it, and keep silent when I'm not asked. Afterall, I don't have all the answers, wish I did and I was known far and wide for my wisdom! Yes, well this is one of those things I'm still working on. For any of you that have been thinking along these same lines, I have written several new articles that I hope will provide some of the answers that you seek.

"Give a Gift of Forgiveness -

"Give a Gift of Inner Peace" -

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