Monday, December 8, 2008

The Quiet Garden

Here we are in early December, the world outside my windows is quiet and still. The occasional birds comes by, most likely looking for a drink, lured by the sounds of falling water. The ground is covered with a thin jacket of white, soon to be replaced with feet of solid rain. How I miss having the windows open, the sounds coming from the garden are noisy, playful and sometimes loud if my dog decides to tree a fat grey squirrel. The pond and waterfall are the busiest place in the neighborhood, every tired and dirty bird lands to rest for a bit and take advantage of a safe place to bathe and forage for the seeds the squirrels left behind. The ground is already frozen, no chance to plant anything now. Guess I'll have the time to do a little rearranging of the garden in my mind, moving all that thyme that has grown to gigantic proportions. At least I have the house to decorate for the holidays, a job that I just love! I recently redid my window boxes, removing the dead annuals and replaced them with a holiday arrangement. For complete instructions on how to makeover your window boxes, please follow the link to my article,
"Winter Holiday Window Boxes".

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