Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take A Bath With A Fern

This beautiful bathroom has a bold color scheme with it's cobalt blue tub and sink and the black and white tiles add to the overall look. What makes this bath sensational though is the lush, green fern's hanging over the tub. This is the perfect place for a hanging plant, plenty of light from the windows and humidity from the water that's used in the bath. This spot is good as well for misting the fern's, which keep them moist and the leaves from browning.
Anyone who has a tub without a shower could do this in their own bathroom, all you would need is a hook that is firmly anchored in the ceiling.
There are a great number of tropical plants that would grow wonderfully in such a location, as usually it's the lack of humidity in our homes that lead to the death of a houseplant.

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Susan S. said...

OHHH....What a pretty cobalt blue!!
That would be a good post for Blue Monday at smiling sal's blog.

I like the couch re-do on the earlier post...great idea!