Monday, March 30, 2009

From Days Gone By

Many years ago, prior to the mass manufacturing of items, many things were handmade. Some of these antique's were wonderful in the simple manner in which they were made.
This antique wicker wheelbarrow is a terrific piece of history, this is what the gardener used before the metal ones were mass produced. What I wouldn't give to own a wheelbarrow like this one, just having it to use for light duty chores would be any gardeners dream.
Most times as new materials are developed for manufacturing, it is a good thing. The newer, lightweight materials that have been invented in the last century have made our jobs so much easier, but it's also a little sad to loose these older items that have so much character. My new mission is to find myself one of these wicker wheelbarrows.....I may have to plan a trip to England!

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