Saturday, March 14, 2009

Are You A Romantic?

How pretty is this room, with all it's charm and comfort? All white furniture just seems to harken back to the 1940's when romance and style was the thing of the day.
Look closely at this furniture, these pieces are not new, but of a style that was popular many, many years ago. Your parents or even grandparents may very well have a set just like this, although it is probably still in it's dark wood stain. Dark wood can somehow seem heavy and almost gloomy, especially if the room has dark fabrics and little light.
How easy it would be to duplicate this look just by painting the furniture all white and using light colored bedding and accessories. If your just starting out and can only afford a used bedroom set, consider buying a collection of pieces that have good form and are sturdy. If you spent some time sanding, priming and painting, you could have a bedroom like this that just says " I'm a total romantic"!

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