Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Crazy but A Whole Lot Of Fun!

When I first told a friend of mine that I wanted to cover some old wicker porch furniture with moss, she just chuckled and said, "that sounds like something you'd do"! I'm taking that comment as a compliment because I don't ever want to get to that point where I'm afraid to try something as fun as this project.
If you have a set of wicker furniture that has really seen better days, and I mean that the seats are almost gone and there are rips and holes in the wicker, don't throw it out.....cover it with sheet moss that will love the surface and grow like crazy.
If you have access to fresh moss, then all the better. If not, you can use the dried sheet moss that you can find in all the craft stores. Simply carefully open and soak in some water for 10 minutes or so to rehydrate. You'll need to use small pieces of paddle wire to keep the moss in place until it set's itself in, but that won't take long. Once covered, you'll need to keep this moss furniture in the shade and water frequently, but what a focal point these chairs would be in the deep shade under trees where not much else will grow. Sweet.......

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Susan S. said...

I think that's a HOOT! It's very clever and you will have something that no one else has.

Probably using the packaged moss is better than fresh but maybe that just because I'm used to the grey, dripping, Spanish Moss we have near Houston. It seems to have a lot of bugs and critters in I like the green, rich, velvety look! GOOD JOB!