Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Wall Art

It seems as though when first starting out in your own place, that people concentrate on furnishing the house. It is important to have a bed to sleep on and a sofa to sit on. Artwork is important too, although these items are usually the last to be purchased, and that is the leading cause. To purchase, that is, but you can decorate your walls without spending alot of money if you spend a little time thinking about what you could use on your walls that is free or low cost.
This photo shows that you can pick-up a wonderfully shaped branch, paint it and then fill a large expanse of wall with it. Or a collection of branches would look great to create a tree effect.
Baskets are another inexpensive wall decor, several hung together always look great. Or a great many baskets arranged in a pleasing fashion can give a stylish look to almost any room. So, if you see something outdoors that inspires you, bring it home.....you never know where it could put down stakes and become one of your favorite pieces of art.

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