Monday, March 2, 2009

Touching Up Hardwood Floors

More and more often people are installing hardwood floors in their homes, and with good reason. Not only do they look great, but for those with allergies, hardwoods can seriously reduce allergens in the home. My husband and I are those with bad allergies, and when we bought our new home 3 years ago we tore-up all the carpet and put down real hardwood in the entire house. It truly does look beautiful and I can mop the floors to keep them nice and clean.
I have noticed though that in the 3 years we've lived with the wood floors that little scratches appear, especially in the groves where the boards meet. So, today was touch-up day, I stirred up a can of oak stain and using a foam brush, I began to go over all these areas. This is a very easy process, just dab a little stain on the scratch and then wipe with a rag. I then looked around for any other things that needed a touch-up and did those too. I did nicks on the door frames and baseboards. I even found a couple of nicks on some furniture.
For the amount of time I spent, about 15 minutes, I made all those little tell-tale signs of life go away. Give it a try on your woodwork, it will look like new again.

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