Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do You Tatouage?

Have you ever done any tatouage? For those not quite sure what this is, it is applying a picture to a flat surface using a dry transfer. These transfers are really beautiful, lots of detail and colors and you can find them in millions of design's and sizes. And the best part.....they are so easy that anyone can do them.

For lots of ideas and a link to the best place to buy transfers, please read an article I wrote on the subject.


Susan S. said...

I've never heard of that but it sure is pretty. have you done much of it?

DustyMills said...

Hi Susan, These transfers are pretty cool, huh? I have only done this once, at my old house. I did the spiral topiary's, one on each side of my fireplace. They looked so good, the colors were very muted but realistic looking. I found the pic of the flower arbor that I thought I could do in my grandaughter's room, but I'll need to save for it, it is over $250.00!! Maybe I'll win the lottery this week-end!