Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Beautiful and Unique Window Treatment

What woman wouldn't just love this garden style bedroom with it's vining flower's running around the window? It can be quite difficult to outfit a window such as this one with drapery because of the arch at the top of the frame, but using a little paint could solve this problem quite nicely.

All this design would need is a vine stencil and several colors of paint. I have used a vine stencil many times and they are very easy to use, to change direction or curve, just turn the stencil over to get a mirror image.

As you can see from the photo, this bedroom was coordinated using the stencil on the lampshade and even the front of the nightstand. You could also do the bed linens by using a fabric paint. Any young girl or single woman would just love to have a bedroom like this to end the day with.

1 comment:

Ching Ya said...

Oh dear, I feel like a garden is growing within my room!

So lovely! Girls will feel themselves like princesses. Sleeping while waiting for their prince appear from the woods, and there goes the kiss...

I must be dreaming.. ^^
Thanks for such an enlightening pic.