Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Something Old is Wonderful

For many of us reusing or recycling is not only necessary, but prudent. So many young families simply do not have the funds to go out and purchase new clothes or furniture when it's needed, so this is the time to look around and see what you have that you could makeover to fit your needs.

I remember when my kids were young there was no matching bedroom for them, we used whatever we had. And what we had was a very old set that had been given to us, it must have been 50 years old and the style was hard to figure. Still, it was solid and had large drawers, it just needed a update.

If a piece of furniture is very old and is not an antique, the best way to bring it into this century is with paint. Paint can hide a world of flaws, and if the color is carefully chosen and applied, you could give many, many years to the use of the piece.

Painting a old dresser for a child is great fun. You could just give the piece a nice paint job, or you could take it a step further and decorate the front of the dresser with a motif you know your child will love. This chest of drawers with it's flowers and butterfly's is perfect for a little girl, but you could just as easily paint it for a boy.

So, if your given an old piece of furniture don't automatically think you'd never use it. Look at it in a different light, see it painted in a hundred different ways. You just may be painting a family heirloom that your kids will pass down to their grandkids!

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