Sunday, February 1, 2009

How To Paint a Teen's Room With Attitude

Painting a teens room can be a challenge, especially if your teen wants something that resembles a subway or a barracks. We want to allow them to express themselves in their own room without the space giving we parents the shivers every time we walk in. Half the battle will be having a honest talk with them about what is permissible and what simply can't be allowed. It is my belief that if we can make their room as fun and functional as possible, then they will actually want to spend time at home. If you would like some fun ideas about making over your teens room, please read a article I wrote on the subject.

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Ching Ya said...

This is indeed a great thought. I would love it if my parents allow me to be creative with my room, possibly I'll make it as cheerful and something that'll show my personality. ^^