Saturday, February 21, 2009

All it Takes is One Terrific Piece

For your garden to really stand out among others, all it takes is one terrific piece to set the stage. Depending on the style of your garden, something as simple as a arbor can be the focal point you need to highlight an area in your landscape. Arbors come in many style's and are made with everything from wood to iron. Since many gardeners that I know try and make garden items from found objects, it would not be too terribly hard to find the branches and twigs needed to erect a simple arbor such as this one. For a arbor to really stand out, place it so that it can lead from one area to another. Or stage the placement so that it frames a object in the distance.

While most people I know would train climbing vines on an arbor, I don't feel this is totally necessary. Let the arbor itself become the focal point instead of covering it with plants. Or use a plant that is sparse in nature, such as a clematis, that would still allow much of the arbor to show.

Whatever the style your garden has taken, keep in mind that if you keep most items in the same style, you will create a more cohesive look. With this arbor, a pair of twig chairs would look great or perhaps a slab of wood from a fallen tree that could be used for a bench. Over time you could collect a set of items that really make your garden stand out from the rest.

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Susan S. said... pretty! The twig arbor and chairs look great in a garden. I can just envision a big, blooming wisteria on it! It's a beautiful Sunny, Sunday here in Houston and I'm going out to putter in the yard. Thanks for sharing the photos.