Friday, February 27, 2009

My Favorite Houseplant

When it comes to beauty and ease of care, you can't go wrong with the Bromeliad. Even without a green thumb, anyone can keep one of these plants as they are so easy to grow. The plant somewhat resembles a catcus, it's leaves are stout and beautifully variegated. Bromeliad's only need low light, nor do they require frequent watering, making them ideal for a house plant.

One of the best parts about this species of plants is the flowering habit. Each plant only blooms once, however the bloom will last 2 to 3 months. At the same time the plant will set out "pups", new plants that grow from the base of the mother plant. Once the flower begins to fade, the mother plant begins to die. You can either pot up the pups for new plants or allow the mother plant to die and allow the pups to grow in it's place. I have read of gardeners who have had a Bromeliad bloom more than once, although I have not had the good fortune to have this happen to me.

So, if you want to have some greenery in your home but are afraid of taking care of a plant, try a Bromeliad, the bright light the leaves send off along with a beautiful bloom, makes this plant a true favorite.

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