Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salvage Metal Style for your Garden

Metal accents in the garden can run the gamut from old wagons to well-worn tools and everything in between. One of my favorite pieces is a 3 tiered iron bakers rack that sits on my patio, it is an ever changing collection of items that have their moment in the sun. I love the versatility of this rack, I can change it according to the seasons. Another of my favorite ideas is to hang items on the walls surrounding the patio and the garden shed. Some might not think that the outside wall's should be decorated, but I say, "why not?" Now, I'm not talking about all the outside walls, but those that are private and only visible to you. I like hanging baskets on the garden shed as they are so useful not to mention beautiful to look at. The baskets I use outside are the twig/branch type, sturdy and able to handle a load of veggies. Do you have a large wall surrounding your patio that looks bare and just plain boring? Look around for items that are able to tolerate the weather and set the stage for a wonderful space.

If your interested in reading more about metal style for your garden, please read a article I wrote on the subject:

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Susan S. said...

Hi there....I just found your blog and LOVE the garden gate. I like to decorate in my garden too...WHY stop at just decorating the house!