Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Trends in Garden Decor

More and more often, we see our outdoor spaces being decorated with items that were traditionally only used inside. But today's garden decor items are being made with materials that can withstand the elements and we can now find decor that looks great and doesn't mind being rained or snowed on.

One such item I found is this beautiful butterfly illuminari that would look just great hanging on a wall surrounding our patio. Incorporated on the wings of the butterfly are candle holders that would look so pretty when lit at night. A trio of these butterfly's could totally change the way a dark patio looks at night and would encourage gatherings. The company that makes these unique hanging's also has a dragonfly and they look great day or night.

Making our patio a part of our home's living space is a trend that is long past due. There are so many ways to decorate our patio, take a clue from your landscape and make your outdoor space come alive.

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