Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Look For Your Accessories

Somewhere between the holidays and spring, we just seem to get tired of how our homes look. We have nice things, good furniture and nice accessories, but it doesn't look as good as we know it can. Well, here's an idea to try to refresh every room in your home without buying a thing.

Remove all your accessories from tables, floor and anywhere else you have them, and place them in a central spot in the room. Try putting each item in a spot different than where it started. Use the rule of 3's and 5's, an uneven number of items always looks better than only having 2 or 4 items. Work trying to stage little vignettes, or little scenes, grouping like items togeather. While doing this you may discover that your room has become crowded with too many things, so pare it down if necessary. You may also find that an item that started out in your living room actually looks better in your family room, so don't be afraid to move items from room to room.

When doing this job you'll find that it is a good time to give your accessories a proper cleaning. After adding the accessories to your room, step back and give the room a critical eye. If something doesn't look right, move it or simply put it away till another time. Just because you may own many accessories doesn't mean that you must use them all at the same time. Remember, too many items can visually bog down a room and cause a cluttered look. Simple almost always looks best.
As you can see from my photo, I have 5 items on my sideboard and counting the two pictures on the wall above, that is 7 items total. Any more than this would look cluttered. Achieving this look is very simple, give it a try, you'll home will feel refreshed!

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