Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Define A Space With Beads

I was looking at my guest room recently and thought it just needed something. There's really nothing wrong with it, but the bed has no headboard, leaving it looking a bit bare. The room is somewhat small and there is not much room to add a bed frame, so I started looking around for something I could use to frame the space behind the bed. What I found was 2 strands of beads that I had bought some time ago without any idea of what I would do with them. Since I already had a picture over the bed, I decided to pin the beads to the wall to include the picture as part of the "frame". I used straight pins, perfect for hanging light objects since the hole they leave is so small. The area looks more defined now, the beads add some color and overall appears as though there is a bed frame. I've also always wanted to try one of the iron scroll work designs that you see in the craft stores. A pair of these items would make a terrific "headboard".

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