Monday, January 12, 2009

The Appeal of English Cottage Garden Decor

I've never met anyone who doesn't just love the look of English cottage garden. You may not want it in your home, but you've got to love the charming, cozy look of the white painted furniture and the patterned fabrics. Every photo I see of some quaint, thatched roof bungalow with endless varieties of flowers growing everywhere, makes me want to step right in to that picture and look around. If you really look at the furnishings of these homes, you'll see that this look would not be hard to duplicate. If your just starting out with your own home and do not have beautiful furniture from some high-end store (!), it is easy to start collecting different used pieces that you could paint all white. Keeping the style similar would be best, but the white paint alone would tie them all together. I also love all the floral prints that seem to be on everything from curtains to pillows, and if you sew, you can make everything yourself. There are many books and magazines that cater to just the English cottage look, and we must not forget about the English garden, but that's another story.........

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