Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does A Strawberry Pot Really Need Strawberries?

Who said that you must put strawberries in a strawberry pot? Not me.....I think these pots work very well for many different groups of plants. For those with only a small space but a big desire to grow fresh herbs, why not plant all your favorites in this one pot for your own little herb garden. The larger pots have enough niche's for many favorites, and they could stay in a pot for 2 years before the plants began to overgrow the pot. How about a cherry tomato in the top space, along with some leaf lettuce and maybe a parsley or cilantro. Several different varieties of leaf lettuce would give you lots of color and you could actually get 2 crops a summer. What about spring bulbs? A pot full of tulips or even daffodils would look great on the front porch. For a hot spot.....Cati's or any of the annuals that love the heat, moss roses, marigolds or lavender. I could really see these pots done up for a shady spot.....ferns, sweet woodruff, trillium's, lobelia with a big, beautiful hosta in the top.

So, if you have one of these strawberry pots tucked away somewhere, dig it out and plant it up for a very different kind of container growing. Growing Hint: since my pot stands about 2' tall, it takes alot of water to get all the way to the bottom. My solution to make watering easier (and to save water) is to cut a piece of 1" PVC pipe that fits standing on the bottom of the pot and it comes all the way up to the lip of the pot. I drilled holes every 2" all the way down the pipe. When I water, I pour right down the pipe which waters all the soil right down to the bottom of the pot. It's usually not possible to center the pipe as a plant would go right in the center, but the pipe still makes watering much easier.

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