Friday, April 24, 2009

A Cover for Plants at Night

As a fellow gardener, I'm sure you've seen cloches, the glass domes that you sit over top of plants to keep them warm.These are beautiful, a whole row of them out in the garden, protecting young seedlings. But have you ever lifted one of these? They are quite heavy, and not easy to move around. I use a cheaper, more lightweight version of the glass cloches, gallon pickle jars. I have some that are glass as well as some that are made of plastic. They work just as well and are readily available.
If you don't have any of the pickle jars, try using a gallon milk jug with the spout cut off.....leave the handle to move easily. You can also use paper bags, although they will blow over if a wind picks up. You can fold over the edge and weight down with a few rocks. Plastic bags also work, although you must be diligent about removing it before the sun heats it up inside and your plant cooks.
Whatever you use, a little extra warmth at night when the temps are still dropping below freezing is enough to keep the plant from dying.

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Ching Ya said...

Interesting.. by not having the winter season here, I have not able to check out such phenomenon in the gardens, anywhere.Thanks for sharing the pic. Creative. ^^