Monday, April 20, 2009

A Bowl Of Bulbs

You know spring is here when you see the first bulbs pop thru the soil and begin to set the flower buds. A big pot of bulbs can really give your garden or porch a touch of color plus give you a pretty specimen to set in a prominent spot.

This low bowl of Muscari (grape hyacinth) will really give that wow factor anywhere you place it, and the best part is that the plants will increase in size, so one pot can become two in no time.

When planning a pot such as this, use lots of bulbs, the plants are small and you really want to create a lush group of plants. The smaller bulbs like the Muscari do very well massed together, or go for any of the other bulbs that stay under 8" or so. There is a bulb in just about any color so you could match the current color scheme in your garden or on the porch. Sweet.....

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