Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Pomegranate Wreath

Quite possibly my favorite wreath, the combination of greens and fresh pomegranates makes for a stunning arrangement for the front door. Whether your X-mas decor is classic or country or even Victorian, this wreath works with everything.
I always make my wreaths on grapevine forms, it's easy to insert the greens in the groves of the form and you can easily wire cones or your decorations on them. If you decide to use pomegranates on your wreath, use a strong thick wire to attach them. Since this fruit is very juicy you will want to cover the hole where your wire goes thru the flesh or it will drip all over. I simply take my glue gun and put a small dollop of glue around the wire to seal the hole.
Any fruit looks great on a wreath of greens, try apples, pears or oranges studded with cloves. Please note that if you live in a climate that freezes, you will want to bring your wreath in at night or your fruit will not last thru the season.

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