Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coming Home for Christmas

I just got the best X-mas gift anyone could ever get.....a new house back home. My husband and I finally gave up selling our last house and decided to just keep that one off the market for awhile until things improve. Then we started over with a new mortgage ( geezzzzz, now that's a process anymore) and went and bought a house while prices are down.

It is so good to be back where we're from.....back to where the kids and grand kids are. Our kids have been dropping in and it's great to see old friends as well. There is a moral to our story and that is think twice or more if you decide to retire and move away. It just didn't work for us, I missed everything about our old life and really grew to dislike the town we had moved to.

So, back to the blog.....ok, I didn't get 10 days of wreaths, in fact due to moving this is the first year that I don't have a wreath on my front door in, well forever I think. No tree or lights nor any other decorations, they are still at the other house. But that's ok, I've got big plans for next year.

Merry Christmas to all......

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