Thursday, December 3, 2009

And Another Wreath

This wreath starts the same as all my other's, with a grapevine form and lots of greens. I used juniper here, which is somewhat flat and can be poked into the form in all the same direction for a swirled look. If you have any other shrubs in your yard that you like, cut small pieces, about 4 or 5" in length and add to the juniper.

Next comes a berry garland which can be found at your fav craft store. These garland's come in all colors, I also have a pink one that looks so nice with the greens. Simply begin to twine the garland around the wreath form and secure with a small piece of paddle wire.

There is almost no end to what you can do with this wreath, add pine cones, a ribbon or I have added whole oranges, which contrast so well with the red berries. Or just leave it as is for a pretty and classic look.

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