Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Decor For the Porch

Does your porch still have the remains of summer, you know, the pots of annuals that bit the dust weeks ago or a pile of toys the kids left laying around? If after taking a good look at your porch, do you feel as though you'd never want any of your family or friends coming into your home that way? Well, here's your chance to turn that neglected piece of real estate into a porch that says welcome to fall and all your visitors.

First gather up all the dying flower pots, toys and the summer chairs. Give the floor a good sweep, please check for cobwebs above your head, they look awful and tell folks that you had more than your fair share of spiders last summer. Does your porch light work? If not, check the bulb and wash the fixture if necessary.

Spending an hour or so now giving your porch some cleaning and a little fall decor will have all your neighbors looking at your porch for inspiration for their own.

Please read an article I wrote on jazzing up the entrance to your home for Thanksgiving or just to looking good before the X-mas season.

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