Saturday, June 20, 2009

The "Don't Do It" of The Week

When is yard art.......not?

Maybe you consider yourself eccentric or perhaps you give new meaning to the job of recycling. If so, I have a bit of advice for you...less is more!
I have known people who take recycling very seriously, and I applaud them for it. But I also believe that trying to use every bit of scrap that comes your way is sometimes the worst of two evils. The best example of this is in trying to use every bit of metal scrap as yard art around your house. It seems as though some folks just don't know when to stop!
I'm pretty sure most people would not care to live next door or even on the same street with what some would call "scrappy heaven". You all know what a scrappy is, don't you? A guy (usually) has a flatbed truck and drives around collecting free metal, which is then usually sold to a commercial recycler for money. Sometimes though, free stuff is really hard to get rid of, and so it gets carted home where it either piles up or end's up as "art".
Just remember that old saying.....Less is more!

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Ching Ya said...

I agree, sometimes Less IS more. Simplicity is very much missed these days, in many aspects. Complicated arts don't always look sophisticated either. ^^ Hope you're doing fine, take care.

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