Sunday, May 3, 2009

The "Don't Do It" of The Week

If your lucky enough to have a fireplace in your place, I envy you! I don't have one in my current home and sure do miss the ambiance of having a fire flickering and sending off warmth. Not to mention all the wonderful opportunities a fireplace mantel gives for decorating.
The one thing you should never do though is use your fireplace hearth as an entertainment center, as in this picture. Now I have to ask, "who would do this"? Well, someone did and they must be desperate for a place to set that T.V. I think I would move my dresser out into the living room before I would hide my fireplace with this massive piece of electronics!
So, the moral to this story is, don't use your fireplace for anything other than having a fire, or for the display of a few little pretties, your space will thank you for it!

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Kathleen said...

Love your "don't do's!"